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There's Another Way

Hi, Suzanne Livingston here. If you are at a point in your life where your work is truly about giving back, having meaning, making a difference, or having an impact, you don't have to turn into a salesperson to be successful (unless of course you love selling and that's who you authentically are).

I’m here to offer a proven, authentic, service-centric alternative to selling. An approach that helps you connect with your ideal members more quickly and deeply, and in ways that are not possible in a traditional selling relationship. An approach where you no longer have to put your ideal member candidates in an uncomfortable closing situation.

This proven approach, known as The Contribution Approach, is based on over 30 years of in-field development. It can help you successfully fill your groups in authentic honest ways that are in alignment with your make-a-difference values and who you want to be in the world.

Bottom-line, the shift has happened ... we don't have to use sales techniques that we know, deep down inside, are not in alignment with who we really are in order to make our difference in the world

Just like all things in life, The Contribution Approach is not for everyone. If you think it may be for you, here are some links to help you learn more:

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