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One of the basic pieces of furniture, a chair is a type of seat.I have been researching on seating objects (i.e. chairs) for more many years. There are so many types of chairs in which few are as follows:

Chairs vary in design. An armchair has armrests fixed to the seat; a recliner is upholstered and under its seat is a mechanism that allows one to lower the chair’s back and raise into place a fold-out footrest; a rocking chair has legs fixed to two long curved slats; and a wheelchair has wheels fixed to an axis under the seat.

A wide variety of chairs have emerged throughout the ages, some based on formal usages, and others based on domestic needs, and some based on needs within the workplace or various professions.

Office chair

An office chair is one used by employees within an office. Modern office chairs are usually adjustable and wheeled. Caster wheels are attached to the feet of chairs to give more mobility.

Dining room chair

A dining room chair is a specific type of design, used around a dining room table. it can be found in most ordinary residential homes, in the dining room. it also may appear in formal settings, such as any formal event or reception that includes a formal meal or banquet.

Work chair

A work chair is a specialized chair, adapted to the needs of a particular profession or setting.

for example a designing chair will be used for designers who sit at high easels. it will usually have added height.

Rocking chair

Some chairs have two curved bands of wood (also known as rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs. They are called rocking chairs.

I thought the people like me are also searching for the same on various sites so I have concluded all information in common window to share the effective solutions on chairs.

The provided content is based on my learning, research, and understanding and concept behind the seating.

I have gone through various factors and analyzed what works best in which problem and aim is to provide comfortness.

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