Best Budget Office Chair

Are you searching for the most comfortable office chair which should be budget friendly along with stylish and formal look if so then you have come in the right place where you can get your budget friendly chair with high comfort level.

Here only for you we have office chairs under $200 in these categories of chairs you will get perfect seat and back material adjust table features and if we talk about function then you don’t worry about it. All are  awesome.

For all your business need we have brought5 best budget office chair of the Year 2022.

Top 5 Best Budget OFFICE CHAIR

In this list the first type of chair whose model is is Modury articulate ergonomic.

  1. Modury Articulate Ergonomic CHAIRS

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 


In Modury Articulate Ergonomic has 500 hooded coasters with the help of which you can slide or we can say glide across the floor it does not matter what kind of floor your chair is on whether it is wood or carpet.  It is breathable mesh back with padded  cushion seat which make you feel sturdy these are very soft.

In this chair you have many option from which you can choose the two main option are  vinyl and mesh. There is a large colour sections. Some of them are blue,  black,  green.  Its carrying capacity is up to 331  pounds. It totally fits your need.  In this chair there is 360 degree movable wheel and an lift and also a lock system.  Overall we can say that is a perfect and first class chair you can offer your staff members in your office or business.

2. Runner Up, Homall Executive Leather Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair Leather Desk Chair Racing Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Task Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support (White)


This Chair is manufactured mainly inspired by the the asthetics of a race car. This is a marvelous or we can say that most luxurious option for those employees who deserves most luxurious type material in her  office. 

In this type of chair you can get high level of support in head,  shoulder,  arm and lumber area.  Its holding capacity up to 300 lbs. This chair has 90 to 180 degrees reclining capacity with the help of its tilt locking system. So if you need to lie backside you can easily lie back side with this chair. Many color option also comes with this chair like black, blue,  red and white.

This chair padded with PV leather body has full-Steel from with anti oxidation protection. It is durable. This is best office chair for back pain. Doctors also prescribed this type of chair to the patient who suffered from back pain problem.

3. Best Ergonomic Flash Furniture Mid – Back Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms



It has curved mesh type back which gives you lumbar support and this are most breathable even for a long time sitting session and it heats up when you sit on this chair. This type of flash furniture definitely ensures maximum level of comfort. This chair is for those employees who are graphic Artist and architect because this year is designed to remove or relieve all the tension accumulated in the lower back.

His waterfalls seat design carry all of the pressures  of your legs.  You can adjust your chair according to your comfortable position. So we suggest this type of high-back, mid-back and mid-back drafting chair is best for you and also for your staff in your office.

4. Best Task Chair: Boss Chair         

Boss Office Products Executive Commercial Swivel Chair, Slate Grey


Now come to the the feature of this Chair. It has all the features and qualities you could want in a Desk chair. It comes with a padded waterfalls seat. Its thick seat provides you lumbar support which is very necessary. It comes with an adjustable back depth and height liver with the help of these two feature you can seat comfortably  on this chair.

It has 5 star nylon base and smooth wheels by means of which you can easily slide your chair from one place to another.  In this brand there are lots of colour option is available which can perfectly match with the interior design of your office.  So the colours are blue,  black and more.  This budget friendly chair comes with arm or you can buy without arm also.

5. Best Modern Chattooga Task Chair


ComHoma Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Flip Up Armrest Mid Back Task Home Office Chair Swivel Chair with Smooth Casters White


If you are upset with that type of office wear which gives you at traditional look then don’t worry there is no need to be worry about. We bought  a modern Chattoga task brand chair. Now let’s talk about its features its carrying capacity is up to 250 pounds and its using time capacity: you can use 8 hours per day.  It is more expensive than above written  brands but this offer you’re a modern look which seems to be more luxurious than its price tag.

This chair comes with height adjustable with rolling system. So we can you can easily and compatibility move wherever you want in your working area its curved seat is manufactured by 2 wood pieces.

Buying Guide Of Office Chair

So you know exactly what I look for in the perfect task chair for the office. So let’s start with probably the most overlooked but actually one of the more important feature, the seat pan depth. When you sit with your back flush against the chair your legs should hang over the edge leaving roughly around 2-3 inches of space between the seat edge and the back of your knees. If the seat pan is too short your legs don’t get the proper support and if it’s too deep the seat will pinch the back of your legs cutting off circulation.

 Some cheaper chairs will have limited seat pan adjustment like this knob here to move the chair back and forth, higher end chairs will usually have more adjustments for this but the ikea markus doesn’t have any so it’s not great for everybody.

Next let’s look at seat height and this pretty standard on most chairs from cheap to expensive. You’ll want to set your chair low enough so that your feet are firmly supported by the floor. And also so that your arms are high enough so your forearms are roughly parallel or slightly downward with the table, while keeping your elbow close to your body. This does sometimes mean you may need a footrest if your table is too high.

Or an adjustable desk like my Ikea bekant so I can adjust it down to proper levels. Arm rests are another thing I find pretty important especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time. While not necessary for everyone, at least for me I like to lean on something once in a while to take the weight off my back. The arm rests on the Ikea Markus don’t move and are little too low for me too lean on sometimes. Most other office chairs like my generic one have at least height adjustable arm rests but I still have a problem with these.

The issue with typical armrest is even at the lowest setting they can get in way when I try to tuck in my chair in. High end chairs will sometimes have more adjustments so you can move them to the back or to the side so you can avoid this problem or if you don’t need them you can usually just remove the arm rests entirely like I did for both my Ikea Markus and Generic chair.

Everything else I look for in a chair is pretty standard. Is the seat firm but comfortable? Check. Does the chair allow for the back to lean and lock in place when I want a change of position? Check. Is the lumbar support in the right position for my comfort? Pretty good (terrible on my generic chair) Do I need a high back and head rest? I really like the options. Will it last for years to come?

Only time will tell but so far so good. So in the end what is the perfect chair? Is the Ikea Markus perfect for me? Not really but it’s decent for the price. If you can afford to spend $800 plus on a chair you can look at the Steelcase or Herman Miller chairs that are super customizable and are built to last with long warranties.

And they’re definitely worth it especially if you’re sitting for hours but if you can’t afford them. Well there are some cheaper options like buying used, or considering models like the Alera Elusion or Office Master OM5.

These look interesting but you often make some sacrifices on adjustability, build quality and warranty as you move down the price ladder. Or if you’re lucky the Ikea Markus or some other cheap generic office chair could be perfect for you right out of the box. But in the end you’re going to need test them out in person and check for all the things that I mentioned like seat pan depth, height, and arm adjustments to know what’s best for you.


Hopefully that helps you find your perfect office chair. If you have any queries in your mind then feel free to contact us by commenting down below. If you like this article then share this with your other friends and family members.

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