Desino gaming chair review 2021

It’s very common for avid gamers to get tired of their old chairs and aspires for a new one that can give them the comfort they need while spending long hours of gaming. But from where can they find a completely trustworthy chair that will give them the best gaming experience? This is where we have assumed the responsibility to help you out by showing you the best gaming chair here.

No matter what type of chair you are looking for, gamer or office, there is a clear difference in the level of refinement they offer. You will not find this level of customizability with your typical office chair at work or home. And so today, we are looking at an outstanding model from Desino.

Desino has been an industry leader for high-end office chairs. They have recently created a line of gaming chairs, and today we will be taking a look at what they have to offer in the comfort of your home gaming setup.

Short glimpse:

Desino chair are great at giving you the feeling of luxury and comfort. The design of this gaming chair is quite innovative, plus it has the feature of giving the user maximum comfort while being seated on it. The chair features breathable PU leather for the seat and back, adjustable armrests, lumbar support pillows that effectively reduce lower back pressure and help your body stay in a natural position. A soft cushioned pad is added to every aspect of this gaming chair for excellent comfortability. It also meets the highest requirements in terms of functionality and quality.

Desino gaming chair

Desino Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Video Gaming Chair 


Key features of this gaming chair:

  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Rectractable footrest
  • Height adjustor
  • Soft flat seat cushion
  • Swivel design

Desino gaming chair review:

Desino Gaming Chair is a product that every gamer would love to get their hands on. While you will find it a little bit hard to find out what features this chair is offering you, we have done extensive research for you to make your purchasing decision easier.

Ergonomics Design

Desino Gaming chair is a brilliant combination of ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics. This means it is specially developed for long period gaming sessions. It uses metal frames covered by high-quality materials (Faux Leather) to provide utmost comfort and prevent any structural damage while supporting your body weight.

In addition, every element of the chair, from the backrest and the armrests to the footrests and the lumbar support pillow, work together to achieve innovative ergonomic construction so you can stay comfortable and focused on the game for many hours.

Rugged durability

Desino gaming chairs are made with durable and rugged materials that are built to last. This magnificent chair has a rugged rock suspension that offers a comfortable and convenient sitting experience. In addition to the suspension system, it features ergonomic armrests with soft foam, 2.2lb heavy-duty gas piston, and adjustable height from 18 to 21 inches.

Furthermore, the lightweight but strong aluminum frame, luxurious high-density foam padding encased in a thick, water-repellent fabric adds to premium quality.

Maximum support-

The all-new Line provides you with options and possibilities for maximum support. For example, it has a reclining backrest that allows the user to adjust the angle of the seat according to their preference. Some other worth mentioning features are an adjustable armrest for additional comfort and support, a lumbar pillow for additional support while sitting for long hours, and a retractable footrest to put your feet up so you can enjoy your long gaming sessions without any worries. These features will help you reduce body strain, thereby increasing your comfort level.

Swivel Design-

The chair features a swivel design which gives you the freedom to adjust your gaming position as you see fit. Whether it is reclining at an angle or rotating, you are in charge of the way you want to sit and move. Evenly distribute your body weight (upto 678 lbs) throughout the seat by using this feature.

Smooth caster-

Designed with super-smooth roller wheels designed to move effortlessly, without making any unnecessary sounds or vibrations. The caster also has low-noise wheel glides and a special TPE layer at the bottom for greater ease of movement and durability.

Easy to assemble-

There’s nothing worse than getting a new product and being stuck for hours to assemble it. Thankfully, gaming chairs from Desino are some of the easiest products to put together, taking as little as fifteen minutes. It comes with a manual where you will easily figure out how to assemble it. With its user-friendly design, it provides an excellent customer experience. In short, it simply works out of the box.

Rocking function-

One more thing that you should notice about this chair is that it comes with a rocking function that encourages you to rock back and forth to bring maximum comfort and relaxation.

And with its built-in locking system to minimize any pulsation or wobbling that could occur during motion. It follows your body’s natural movements, which also helps in keeping up a better circulation of blood. Therefore, it can be suitable for long-time game players and work on a desk for working people.

Multi-purpose usage

Desino gaming chair is not just a gaming chair; instead, it is a multi-purpose chair that can be used works as a gaming chair, workstation swivel chair, and office chair. its features are taken into account; you will be amazed to know that this multi-purpose chair offers the same comfort of a bed for lying, with the same comfort level as a premium gaming chair.


Why you should consider the Desino gaming chair from other gaming chairs?

1) This gaming chair easily outranks most of the other typical computer chairs available in the market. The first thing which will catch your attention about this gaming chair is its great appearance. You’re going to be amazed after you see right out of the box. But its looks are not the only reward for you.

2) Aside from its outstanding appearance, it also has the most advanced features that it offers. These include an adjustable armrest, lumbar pillow, and retractable footrest, which provide maximum support for the body.

A mesh fabric used in this gaming chair provides improved airflow around the body and allows flexibility of movement while seated. The contoured seat allows its user to take on multiple positions, especially when lounging on it.

3) The bottom line is that the Desino Gaming Chair is another excellent option you should consider if shopping for an ergonomic seat. Great materials, great engineering, and they look great in any room. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a good ergonomic chair.

What does other user feel about this particular gaming chair?

Desino gaming chair is nicely built, and it’s remarkably widespread among its customers. Furthermore, it gives us a lot of positive feedbacks from the customers. The most of the customer reviews claim that this chair is comfortable. Its design is very understandable, and its assembly process doesn’t require any previous skills. This ergonomic chair can be used as an office chair and game chair at the same time. It also has pretty soft cushions made of high-quality foam, which will not influence your health in any bad way. This rocking gaming chair could have more color options on the flip side to match its style and design.

Frequently asked questions about best gaming chairs :

Do gaming chairs make you better?

Numerous medical experts have found that gaming chairs can improve vitality and decrease strain on the body. Gaming chairs are built with less-invasive designs, yet they provide superior support. These supportive features can make a difference by supporting the health and wellness of those who use them.

While most gamers spend hours sitting in such chairs daily, the key is finding comfort without sacrificing a level of elegance in the home entertainment center. The right gaming chair will reduce fatigue and increase work production among users.

How long does a gaming chair last?

The life span of gaming chairs is typically measured in years, with a great gaming chair that can last upto 2-3 years. However, several factors determine how long the chair will last, such as how often it’s used and what materials its made from. Of course, there will be some issues that come up faster than others, depending on the quality of its construction.

What makes a gaming chair different?

The noticeable difference is the backrest is higher than an usual office chair. However, the big difference between gaming chairs and office chairs is connectivity and accessories. Gaming chairs come with more accessories like wireless controllers, programmable buttons, and warping button pads.


To sum up, I would say that the company offers a very interesting product in this segment. It’s a commercial version of a product designed for years by gamers, for gamers. And we are accustomed to paying a lot for good quality. So if you are looking for qualitative and high-end products at an affordable price, and with all the basic accessories to get you started playing right away, don’t hesitate to consider this and add it to your cart.

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