How to clean and maintain a gaming chairs

How to clean and maintain a gaming chair

The Gaming chair

How To Clean a gaming chair: Hello there, gamers! You know everything tends to get dusty and dirty over time. Our gaming chair is no exception. Gamers sit in their gaming chairs for hours at a time while playing their games. Even when not playing games, it is used for other tasks such as watching movies, coding, and so on.

As a result, the chairs are heavily used on a daily basis. It may not only become dirty, but it also may acquire stains and dirty spots as a result of this process. Gaming chairs are quite expensive.

As a result, we cannot simply replace the gaming chair with a new chair. We can clean it so thoroughly that it will look as good as new when we are finished with the cleaning steps.

It isn’t difficult, and it also doesn’t take a long time. However, before beginning to clean a gaming chair, it is critical first to inspect and determine what type of gaming chair it is. There are fabric and mesh gaming chairs, PVC leather, and, of course, leather gaming chairs.

Because each chair is made of a different material, the cleaning techniques for each chair will differ. So, now that we’ve established that let’s take a look at some of the methods for cleaning gaming chairs. let’s see how to clean a gaming chair in detail


Determining the type of material of your gaming chair

You may be familiar with the fabric of your gaming chair, but if you’re not sure, the first thing you’ll do is check the fabric of your gaming chair.

Most gaming chairs are made of leather or cloth, but if yours isn’t, you can find out what material it is by checking the tag underneath the chair.

If you still have the user’s manual instruction book, you can get the same information there. You can begin cleaning your gaming chair now that you’ve determined the type of material it is.

Cleaning PU Leather and PVC Gaming Chair

If you own a PU leather gaming chair, you won’t have too much trouble because all you’ll need is a wet cloth to rub the dust off of your PU leather gaming chair.

The reason for this is that the upholstery of a PU leather chair does not collect dirt; instead, it collects dirt and dust on the surface, which is easily cleaned. That is not the case for the sides and corners.


Solvent for a PU or PVC leather gaming chair.

We just need to use water-based cleaner and soak the soft, clean microfiber cloth in it. We use the damp cloth to clean the chair gently. We can then dry it down by wiping it with a dry clean cloth. This will dry the chair. For Pu or PVC gaming chairs, there is no need to let them sit for long to get dry.


Cleaning a mesh or fabric gaming chair

Since this wet cloth technique isn’t going to work because rubbing will only make things worse if the material of the gaming chair is cloth fabric or mesh, you’ll have to take a

different approach. To remove the dust and debris from the fabric, use a powerful vacuum cleaner or blower. This will suffice to remove the majority of the dust and dirt embedded in the gaming chair’s fabric.

After cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, we need to clean with a cloth and a solvent to make the chair spotless clean.

We need different solvents for a mesh and fabric cloth gaming chair. Let us see how we can prepare the respective solvents.

Solvent for Fabric Upholstery

Use the following ingredients to make the solvent and put them in a spray bottle.

Take 1/4 cup vinegar, 400 mL warm water, and one tablespoon detergent. Ensure that the detergent concentration is less than 40%; otherwise, the material will not withstand a more strong solution.

Combine all of the above ingredients and place them in the bottle. First, spray the chair with the solvent but do not soak it because the more liquid there is, the longer it will take to dry.

To scrub the fabric, we’ll need to use a white cloth or a soft brush. Rinse the entire sprayed area with water. Put the chair out to dry in a warm place, but keep it out of direct Sunlight. Leave all of the windows open.


The solvent used for a Mesh Upholstery gaming chair

We need to mix 1 part of vinegar with three parts of water and then put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on a soft clean cloth and blot the cloth. We should not scrub hard but gently dab the surface until it is clean. Put the chair out to dry in a warm place but avoiding direct Sunlight.


Cleaning a genuine leather gaming chair

Remove dirt or dust from the seat covers of a chair with genuine leather using a vacuum cleaner. Typically, a damp cloth is sufficient to remove stains and dirt. Make sure the fabric isn’t too wet, as this could cause water stains on the leather. Allow the leather covers to dry before using them completely.



It is not possible to clean the stains with common solvents. We need to use the following methods to clean the strong stains.

We have to add rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball. Dab the stains firmly with this cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol. Let it sit for some time. This solution should ideally clean all the strong and tough stains. The stains come from dropped food

items, drinks, or the regular profuse sweating while playing the games. We should not use this method for regular cleaning. This method is only for tough stains because regular use of rubbing alcohol may affect the chair material adversely.


Cleaning the Rest of the Chair

The frame and the armrest are much simpler to clean than the main upholstery. Mild detergent and water will be more than enough to clean these parts and make them look spotlessly clean.


Cleaning the wheels/casters of the gaming chair.

Now we need to clean the wheels or what we call casters of the gaming chair. First, turn the chair over carefully. Now we need a crevice tool and clean the insides of the wheels.

Get the big chunks of hair and other dirty items out first. After that is done, use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust and dirt. Now to clean the surface, we need to use rubbing alcohol.

Dab a piece of cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and clean the casters reaching all the crevices. Now that you have cleaned the chair, casters turn it over again. Check thoroughly for the screws which have become loose. Retighten them properly.


Removing the odor from a smelly gaming chair.

A professional gamer or a hardcore gaming fan will use the gaming chair for hours at a stretch daily. This will result in the smelling gaming chair pretty bad after a while. Here we will discuss why a gaming chair smells and the ways and means to get rid of the odor.


So, the main reasons for a gaming chair smelling are :


Bacteria is everywhere, including our bodies. When we sit for hours and hours on the gaming chair, the bacteria from our body gets into the gaming chair and becomes a breeding place for more bacteria. This leads to the gaming chair smelling foul.


When we sit and play passionately for hours on end, we all sweat. That is very natural. The gaming chair absorbs the odor from the sweat.


If the gaming chair is in a room that is very humid and moist, it results in fungi growing in our gaming chair, and it gets a very bad smell from the fungi. This stench smells the most horrible.

The odor that develops in the gaming chair slowly spreads throughout the room. Due to the stench, it may become impossible to even sit in our room, let alone play games.

Smelling can be a serious problem because bacteria and fungus can slowly grow inside the fabric. Another issue is that it is very embarrassing for you and your family members when guests, neighbors, or relatives come to visit.

That stench and odor will not be limited to your gaming chair but will spread throughout the house.

How to remove the odor

There are many ways to remove the odor from the gaming chair. Here I will briefly discuss three methods. They are as follows

  1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda can absorb any bad odor from a surface that smells bad. Sprinkle baking soda on the smelly surfaces and rub it firmly but not too vigorously. Let it sit overnight. Use a vacuum cleaner the next day to remove bits of baking soda from the chair. You will be surprised to see that all the foul odor is gone!

  1. Place it in Sunlight:

Sunlight is a natural remedy for removing odor from anything. Keep the chair in the Sunlight for the entire day, and all the foul smells will be gone. But this works

only for mesh gaming chairs, not for fabric or leather gaming chairs, as they will become decolorized and might even crack.

  1. Use Vinegar:

Vinegar contains acid that kills bacteria and fungi. Make a mixture of vinegar, water, and juice of a lemon and put it in a spray bottle for application. Gently spray the mixture on the chair’s surface but make sure the chair does not get wet. Let it sit for some time. This solution will make your chair devoid of any foul smell in a very short time.

After deodorizing your chair, apply deodorant to the surface to leave a pleasant odor on the chair as well as in the room.

Now that we have discussed various methods to clean a gaming chair to remove foul smells from a gaming chair, we will discuss how to maintain the gaming chair, so it does not develop dirt, dust, stains, and foul smells.

How to maintain a gaming chair.

  1. Don’t drink or eat while sitting on your gaming chair. This is bound to cause dirt and stains from spilled food or drinks.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner so that it cleans the gaming chair and also its surroundings. You can do this two times per week.
  3. Wipe regularly with a clean and soft piece of cloth. This will keep the chair remain clean for a very long time. As regular wiping will not let dust or dirt accumulate on the chair. This will help you avoid the thorough cleaning every month.

Final thoughts

Gaming chairs are very comfortable, cozy to sit on. However, we need to face the reality that it will get dusty and dirty over a long usage and time.

But we can keep it neat and clean if we regularly follow the measures discussed in this article. A little effort daily, for just a few minutes, can maintain the chair’s looks for a very long time.

You will also have an excellent gaming experience if the chair smells really good. This brings a happy feeling inside you. Dirt and dust, and stains on the gaming chair is a reality

we have to face, but this can be delayed for a long period of time if we strictly follow the maintenance schedule what we discussed here. Happy gaming to all!

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