Quick Guide About Office Chair

So let’s see what’s in the box. There’s a tray of bits. You get the chair base… It’s a bit difficult doing this one-handed but there you go. Don’t know what this is, some kind of black fluff stuck in there, don’t know what that is.

Instruction For Home Office Chair

If you lose yours. These are the instructions for the Hinton Home Office Chair. Ah, can’t wait to do all of this bolting. Sit on the chair to use the weight of the body to tighten the joint on the column and the seat. Please note this is not a permanent fit due to the rise and fall and 360 degree turning action. I didn’t think I’d turn this into a how-to put it together, but I’ll just show you anyway. Put the wheels on first, they just clip in like that.

So now they’re all in put part "4" in to there. And then & quot & quot  which is this… bit rough… put that onto there. So next we put this bit onto the chair base, and it says FRONT there, it curves up if that sticker’s come off.

And then you put it on here, with these small bolts. Four of these. Just put them in. And handily it says front on it as well. I think this is the tilt control. Feels really stiff. But we’ll test that in a minute. So the bolts are in now, and I’ve put it on the box just to help get the back on, and for that you’ll need the longer bolts which are like this, they go in there.

One, two, three, four. And it will be difficult for me to put these on while I’m holding the camera, so let’s just do a jump cut. So this is really difficult, for a couple of reasons. The screws wouldn’t go in, so I’ve taken the back off and I’m just trying to screw them in. Just to make sure that they go. There’s some kind of obstruction here, but I think I’ve cleared.

So my advice to you is to put a bit of WD-40 on the bolts, just on the end or a bit of oil, and make sure that they go in, and that will clear any obstructions in the screw thread, otherwise, oh, you can’t get the back on!

So just do them without the back first just get a bit of oil in there and make sure that they do actually screw down. And look, on this one they’ve had a few goes to get the hole, so the fabric hole didn’t match up with the screw hole as well, thanks John Lewis! But now I’ve cleared it and the bolts go in, so let’s try again with getting the back on.

My Killer Recommendation

So that was really worth doing, I really recommend that before you put this on you put the screws in with a little bit of oil or WD 40 and just make sure the bolts go in because of the dirty screw threads, and then put the back on like that. And then, lift it up, I put the box lengthwise to help me do that. And then do this with one hand, it’s going to go onto there.

And it’s just pressed on like that. I think I’ve got to sit on it to make it work, but that… is the chair. And these fold down. Or up. I don’t know what to do about that black fluff thing. Under there, so I don’t think I can see it. Oh it’s just there. I’ll just tuck it in.

Apart from that it all looks great! I’ve just bought it and I’ve just unboxed it, and I’ll show you how all of that went. And what it looked like when it arrived in this box.

That’s what the chair looks from behind. I’ve lifted it to its highest level and there’s a bit of a gap between this collar and the base, it doesn’t seem to come down oh yeah you can pull it down. It just about fits so that’s good, but yeah, I like it.


Hopefully that helps you find your perfect office chair. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next article.

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