viscologic gaming chair review 2021

We gamers are a dedicated bunch. We have an unstoppable desire to win a game that often drives us crazy. One thing that distracts us from our enjoyment is the discomfort caused by sitting on the old, hard chairs for too long. So we had our eye on this for a little while and finally got the chance to review the viscologic gaming chair.

And it’s very common for gamers to get tired of their old chairs and aspire for a new one that can give them the comfort they need while spending long hours of a gaming session. But from where can gamers find a completely trustworthy chair that will provide them the best gaming experience? This is where we have assumed the responsibility to help you to out to choose from the best gaming chair here.


Why should you choose viscologic gaming chair?

Numerous features set this chair apart from the rest-designed gaming chairs on the market. Let’s have a look at each of the features.

1. Affordable-

If you’re looking for the best in gaming chairs, look no further than Viscose Gaming Chair. With more features than any other brand, Viscose offers the best gaming chair on the market at an affordable price point. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none.

2. Wide variety to choose from-

Apart from being the best entry-level gaming chair at an affordable cost. The brand also offers a wide variety of models, making it possible for customers to find the perfect chair for their needs.

3. Comfort-

No one can’t deny the comfortness that a viscologic chair provides. These chairs are made with great quality materials. They offer quality support which can make any gamer feel more confident in their abilities to complete long gaming sessions without any discomfort.

4. Multiple adjustments-

The Viscologic chairs also offer multiple adjustments to guarantee the best gaming experience possible. You can adjust the tilt, height, and recline of the seat and the side and back support. This is why we like this product and will be recommending it to anyone who needs a new gaming chair!

5. Durable construction-

Other than the various adjustments, the rest of the chair is made from quality steel, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its base features design flourishes that provide gamers with an immersive gaming experience no matter how long they play.

6. Recliner-

The Viscologic gaming chair caters to hardcore gamers seeking a recliner that is specifically designed for gaming. Unlike many recliners designed solely for comfort purposes, this ergonomic recliner provides back support while also perfect for getting in some epic gaming time.

7. Customer support-

Their customer service department is available 24/7 for questions or concerns about orders and to help with any issues related to gaming. Their knowledgeable and friendly concierges can point you in the right direction and ensure that your gaming experience is optimized and delightful!

best viscologic gaming chair review Canada:

ViscoLogic SpeedX Ergonomic Gaming Chair for PC Video Game Computer Chair 


ViscoLogic Thrill Gaming Racing Style swivel gaming chair-

Key features

• Racing Style design

• Soft seat cushion

• Backrest with integrated headrest

• Lumber support

• Cushioned armrest

• Durable foot base

• Height adjustability

Whether you are an avid gamer or enjoy playing games occasionally, you surely know that ViscoLogic Gaming Chair has the best features related to an entry-level gaming chair. Best is not an overstatement because this chair can provide unparalleled comfort and a great look to your game-playing experience.

Moreover, this gaming chair also comes with a host of innovative features which is sure to please even the most demanding gamers, including plush high-resiliency cushioning, adjustable armrests with soft-touch fabric, plus rocking mechanism, and air suspension system ensure that this chair will be the only chair you ever need.

The Viscologic gaming chair is a recliner designed for gaming, with the following features:

Design and build-

The Recliner Chair is a perfect choice to make your lounge room a gaming haven. The recliner chair has been ergonomically designed with faux leather upholstered backrest and seamed edges to give a great look for your interiors. It comes with five heavy-duty steel casters that make moving the chair from one place to another. Furthermore, it has a 25 inches wide base that provides increased stability and durability to the chair. Plus, the durable base can support up to 225 pounds of body weight, so you don’t have to worry even if you are on the larger side.


Besides, the ViscoLogic Thrill is also a mid-range gaming chair featuring a racing-style design with the comfort of a recliner. The foam filling material provides gentle support for those seated, while the covered wheels on the chair’s bottom help facilitate movement across whatever surface they are placed on. Made from thick, non-deformable foam that is both Comfortable and easy to maintain. In addition, the high back design and lumbar support help in adding additional support for your lower back.


The Viscologic chair has been designed with ergonomics in mind. With the ability to recline up to 120°, its patented multi-system, further, you can adjust it at any time to meet any preferences for gamers of all sizes. It also allows you to adjust the height of the backrest, lower or higher armrests and even tilt the chair, so it fits perfectly.

Moreover, this chair is adjustable to all users through its support mechanism, which is easy to use. You can easily control with its easy lift hydraulic lift system and achieve your desired seating positions.

Lumbar support and backrest-

Its high back gives your spine the support it needs, while the subtle lumbar support cradles your lower back for added comfort. Besides, the padded armrests are made to fit around your arms, giving you that extra level of support that is perfect for settling down with a controller in hand perfectly.

Smooth caster-

This comfortable gaming chair comes equipped with smooth caster wheels that allow for easy mobility, which is covered in a durable, high-quality vinyl shell, making the chair comfortable on both hardwood floors and carpet surfaces. And with durable built, you can rest assured that the Viscologic gaming chair will provide years of use on different surfaces.

Still not aware of the novelty of this product? Here are some of the advantages you can expect from the ViscoLogic Thrill Gaming chair.

1) The main benefit of a ViscoLogic Thrill Gaming Chair is undeniably dynamic support. The ViscoLogic cushions gently conform to your unique shape and weight, creating a personalized comfort that makes playing video games much more enjoyable over extended periods.

2) Aside, it is a feature-rich gaming chair with an ergonomic design and a high level of durability. From the adjustable lumbar support to the cushioned headrest, you can get comfortable for hours on end without ever worrying about pain or stiffness.

3) The variety of colors and styles has always been one factor that makes the Thrill chair a great buy. This chair also comes in three colors will only add to the options you have for creating your ultimate gaming experience. ViscoLogic offers various colors for this particular gaming chair: Black and White, Orange and Black, Red and White.

3) Last but not least, the chair is well-built compared to the price tag and is one of the best entry-level gaming chairs under $200. Visco Logic Thrill gaming chair provides that perfect blend of quality and affordability, making it the recommended gaming chair for anyone looking for a product on the more affordable end of the spectrum.

Some limitations this gaming chair brings:

1) Although the ViscoLogic Thrill gaming chair comes with lumbar support to give a bit extra back support for your lower back, it could have been still better if there was an option to adjust this lumbar support according to your lower back contour. The lack of adjustable lumbar support limits the adjustments according to the different settings of the user.

Important factors to look at when buying a gaming chair:

When you look to buy a gaming chair, you should know so many specifications about it. And you may even ask yourself: “What is important for a gaming chair?” So we outlined the essential one down below.

viscologic gaming chair

Type of material-

The first thing you need to look at is the type of upholstery used on the chair; this will give you an idea of the material used and help you decide if it is a good fit for your needs. There are several different materials that gaming chairs use; these include:

There are two types of upholstery in gaming chairs today: Synthetic Leather and Mesh. If you’re looking to get the best gaming chair possible without spending a lot of money, then mesh is what you want to go with because it tends to last a bit longer than the synthetic leather alternative. In addition, mesh allows for better airflow, which can help keep you cool while sitting for a longer period. The breathability of the mesh fabric definitely makes it the most preferred type for most gamers out there.


When you decide that you would like to buy a gaming chair; first you need to decide on a budget. Now, this doesn’t mean the most expensive thing on the market. It simply means how much money you can comfortably spend on one of these chairs. As there are so many options in different price ranges, so don’t get yourself into spending more on features that you do not plan on using.

Maximum support-

There are several varieties of gaming chairs in the market, but if they are unable to provide maximum support, they are not worth buying. Both material and frame of the seat should be supportive enough to offer you good sitting posture. While sitting, you must feel no stress on your waist, back or shoulder.

A gaming chair should offer complete support, particularly for the lumbar region. This area is sensitive if not given the proper attention. So it must get all the support it needs to avoid any pain or fatigue while gaming.


Adjustability is paramount when buying a gaming chair because it allows you to have more control over the comfort level of your chair. Depending on your build, it gives you the freedom to adjust the height, tilt, armrests, backrest, and so on. While most chairs offer this feature, some are better than others. The more it can be adjusted, the better your experience while sitting on your chair.

Weight capacity-

There are different weight capacities available in the market. It is always better to look at the weight capacity of the chair before buying it. The higher the weight capacity, the more flexibility you have regarding how much weight you want to put on the chair.

Usually, it is given in pounds or kilograms.  There are models of gaming chairs with a maximum weight capacity of about 400 pounds. So if you are looking for a high-quality gaming chair, look for one with a high weight capacity.

Electronic Compatibility-

When looking for the ideal chair for your gaming setup, make sure it is compatible with certain key components of your electronic arsenal. The mere presence of a USB port on the armrests of your chair should be sufficient if it’s designed to accommodate PlayStation controllers, charging cables, etc. Also, look for the chair with amazing surround sound capabilities as it will raise the entertainment factor.

Closing thoughts on viscologic gaming chair review:

So, here we are. We went deep down in this viscologic gaming chair review canada and then got out to look at the big picture. Is it worth buying this gaming chair? Our advice would be If you want the best comfortable gaming chair at an affordable price, go for it. And if you like this viscologic gaming chair review canada, please share it with your friends who are seeking to buy a recliner gaming chair, and feel free to leave a comment with any thought in the section below.

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